January 2021


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Styrofoam cannot be recycled through our Snohomish curbside pick-up service with the Republic company. But there are other options if you are committed to keeping it out of our landfills. Snohomish County The one in-town location is the Snohomish Appliance Recycle company at 10105 Airport… Read More »Styrofoam

Plastic Bags

When possible try to avoid using plastic bags for grocery shopping and carry around some reusable shopping bags. Despite our best intentions, we all collect a bunch of plastic grocery bags eventually. These can be recycled as follows: Take to a plastic bag drop off… Read More »Plastic Bags

Bags to benches

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Green Snohomish has met our goal of collecting 500 pounds of plastic bags from the community, to achieve the 2nd recycled bench for the city of Snohomish. Learn more about the Snohomish Bags to Benches campaign at Snohomish Lions Club. Find out more about recycling… Read More »Bags to benches

Recycle Styrofoam

Styrofoam and clear bubble wrap recycle event! We want to help you give styrofoam a second life and keep it out of the landfill. What we will accept Clean Styrofoam Coolers Clean Take Out Containers (No food or grease) Clean Polyethylene Clean Shipping Containers Clean… Read More »Recycle Styrofoam