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Styrofoam cannot be recycled through our Snohomish curbside pick-up service with the Republic company. But there are other options if you are committed to keeping it out of our landfills.

Snohomish County

The one in-town location is the Snohomish Appliance Recycle company at 10105 Airport Way. They will only take packaging containers and shipping coolers. All styrofoam must be clean, dry, free of tape and labels, and no other contaminants.


For other types of styrofoam, you can go to Kent WA and drop off at

North King County (residents only)

The Shoreline Recycling and Transfer Station will take the following: polystyrene (sometimes called Styrofoam) foam blocks and coolers for recycling, but no packing peanuts! They will check to make sure you are a King County resident.

Thank you for caring about our planet!

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