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Arts and Crafts

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If you have a bunch of unwanted arts and crafts supplies like paints or yarn there is a wonderful program to support in Seattle called Seattle Recreative. They promote creativity, community, and environmental stewardship through creative reuse and arts education.

Important! They ask that you first read through their list of materials they accept and then email them before dropping anything off.

Unfortunately this is far away from Snohomish, but it is such a wonderful, inspirational place that it deserves a mention. Tinkertopia in downtown Tacoma sells alternative art supplies to students and artist. It’s a blast to just go looking around their amazing collection of materials, just waiting to be transformed into something completely new. If you’re planning a trip down to Tacoma, make sure you scavenge your house for any unwanted tidbits like buttons, pencils, string, pins, tape, toys, fabric, erasers, and almost any other nicknack. Find their complete list of acceptable materials here.

Important! Please check in with them first though, they might be requiring you to have an appointment for any donations.

Thank you for caring about our planet!

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