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The state of recycling today is complex and appears to have never lived up to what it was advertised to be. If you’re curious, one our members (Lee Alley) has created a report Our Plastic Dependency is Bankrolling Big Oil and Worsening Global Warming showing how we will never recycle our way out to our plastic trash crisis.

When possible, buy less and repair things before recycling or disposing.

Recycling and disposal resources for Snohomish and northern King County

Other recycling options

New recycling service in Snohomish!

You can now sign up for Ridwell pickup service that collects hard-to-dispose-of items for reuse or responsible recycling. Join others in Snohomish who are helping reduce our waste.

Curbside recycling guidelines

Recycling is complicated by the fact that many products are marked with recycle symbols, even though your local recycling facility will not accept them. Check with your recycling facility to find out what they can and cannot take.

For King County check the Recycle Right online resource.